Against Reality: An Introduction to The Metaphysics of Anti-Realism

Today we are going to discuss the Metaphysics of the so-called Anti-Realism, we will discuss both the Descriptive and Prescriptive claims it makes, and discuss how Anti-Realism can effect our lives for the better.

First we must begin with a distinction between the three types of Phenomenon, the Fake-concept, the Real-concept, and the Anti-Real concept. You already probably know what a Real-concept is so we will only discuss the difference between the Anti-Real and the Fake.

This is the most basic explanation of the difference between the “Fake-Concept” and the “Anti-Real Concept”. As there is a significant difference, the “Fake-concept” can be most simply defined as “Not P” (we will use P as our variable from now on) while the “Anti-Real concept” can be most simply defined as the “negation of P”

But what is the difference? In Logic, these terms are used interchangeably, the Negation of P would simply mean the same as not-P. For a real-world example, a Banana is a not-Apple. However is the Banana the negation of an Apple? In Basic Logic, they would tell you Yes. However, I believe it is important to create a distinction, especially in the tide of my “Anti-Realist Metaphysics”

So what is a Negation? The Negation is the concept of which is the complete opposite, the complete Antithesis, the Absolute embodiment of all that our object is not. For example, the Banana is not the Negation of the Apple because it shares some qualities, they are both fruit, they both taste good, they both have color. Although they are not the same object, neither are a negation of the other.

However now imagine something that is the absolute opposite of the Apple. Shares absolutely zero qualities with the apple, is the exact opposite of the apple, is the Negation of the Apple-in-itself. We will call this object the Anti-Apple. The Anti-Apple is thus the Negation of the Apple, it is the embodiment of all the Apple is not, the negation of it. This is the Anti-Real concept, the negation of the Real. While the Fake is simply not-Real.

These are the absolute bare-basics of the Metaphysics of Anti-Realism. The Axioms behind it, the purely descriptive claims it makes, however let us now discuss the Prescriptive claims it makes.

Anti-Realism, put simply, is the empowerment, the idea of the Supremacy of the Anti-Real. It places the most importance in this Anti-Real concept.

But how does it work? This is a hard to answer question, as Anti-Realism is hard to explain. But simply-put, to be an Anti-Realist is to believe in the Supremacy of the Anti-Real Concept, to negate the Reality of which you exist, to negate the Real concept, to negate Reality itself, or in two-words, to be Against Reality.

But what does it mean to be “Against Reality”? To be Against Reality is to deny the real-in-itself. But how do you deny the real-in-itself, is probably the question you are asking. To deny the real-in-itself is to not believe in the Realist concept of “Reality”, if someone says to you “Your position is not based in reality.” You must simply reply with “Yes.”, to deny the Realist concept of reality you must directly base your life, base your politics, base your philosophy, base your beliefs in the negation of reality.

An example, is probably what you want. So here is one:

YOU: I think everyone should get free ponies all the time, we should then glitch out of the universe and create a time-machine which travels us across the dimensions.
Realist: …what? You can’t do that, that is not based in Reality at all?
YOU: Yes.

But why would you want to act like this? Because this is the solution to problems, if you told a person 5000yrs ago what our Society is like now, with all our fancy technology, weird Social system, etc. They would call you crazy! They would say you are not based in reality! History moves in a current of Anti-Realist progress.

The only way for us to progress as a Civilization is to embrace these ideas, embrace the Anti-Reality, embrace Absurdity, life is Absurd! History is Absurd! Embrace it! Become Anti-Real! This is the way we will escape the predicaments of our time, formulate the perfect system, reach the Apex of History, is to embrace concepts that seem absurd, to embrace the negation of our systems, to embrace the negation of what is considered possible, to Negate the real. To become Anti-Real.

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